smiley faceHow to avoid discrimination in the hiring process is a tricky, but extremely important question. For many companies and recruiters, discrimination concerns can become the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about for fear of saying the wrong thing.

But just what is discrimination in the hiring process and what isn’t? What are some examples of workplace discrimination in action? And just what does the EEOC say about emerging technologies like online video? Remaining in the dark about discrimination is the best way to ensure discriminatory practices continue. The only way to combat discrimination in the hiring process is to get informed and to stop ignoring the elephant in the room.

The infographic below, compiled by, an online video resume and interviewing platform, looks at the touchy subject of discrimination. With the expanded use of online video hiring solutions, it’s important to know if the technology is compliant. It is, because discrimination occurs on an all too human level. Technology cannot discriminate or hold a discriminatory attitude towards job candidates, but of course, people can. This infographic discusses the nature of discrimination, the compliance of online video, and how recruiters can avoid discrimination in the hiring process.

hiring discrimination

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