SearchIn 2015, we find our jobs online. That’s just how we roll (for the most part, anyway; there are probably a few people out there who still do things the old-fashioned way, which you have to admit is a little impressive in its staunch commitment to tradition).

The Internet has been an absolute boon for job seekers, giving people more access to more opportunities, more insightful information about potential employers, and, ultimately, more power to direct their job searches on their terms.

But the Internet is also a big, big place — and sometimes, it gets overwhelming. Is it okay to reach out to this company on LinkedIn? Which job boards should I spend time on? Which apps are really going to help me land a job, and which ones will just be wastes of data?

To give today’s job seeker a little direction when it comes to finding jobs online, Washington State University’s online MBA program has released a useful infographic all about the digital job search. Check it out on the school’s website, or take a look at it below:

Washington State University

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