It sounds like something out of The Office: A clueless boss makes wildly inappropriate comments to his employees without even a shred of self-awareness.

But while the newest line of greeting cards from U.K.-based company Christmas Connections may have been inspired by David Brent, the notoriously bad boss in the original U.K. version of The Office, they’re all straight out of real life.

When Christmas Connections heard that a new movie featuring the Brent character was on its way, the company sprang into action, soliciting U.K. office workers for the “worst comments they have received from a manager at work.”

“We were interested to see if people had received similar comments themselves, and we were quite shocked by the responses,” says Daniel McKay, head of digital at Christmas Connections.

Depending on how jaded you are, though, what happened may be thoroughly expected to you.

“We were inundated with comments and stories of horrible bosses,” McKay says. “The range of cards are meant to be amusing, but at the same time, it’s rather shocking that employees have received comments of this nature within the workplace.”

With so much to choose from, McKay says the Christmas Connections team settled on eight quotes that “had an impact on every aspect of the office environment, such as standard of work, career progress, bonuses, and the Christmas party.” Check out a few of them below, and the whole line on Christmas Connections’ blog.






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