Emergent logoContingent workforce employer Emergent has announced a temp-staffing model that seeks to change the way companies secure and retain contingent workers. The solution involves removing proverbial middleman to end fees, markups, and other practices found throughout the industry.

“We believe the traditional model of staffing contingent workers needs to be restructured since it is often too expensive and full of hidden risks,” Bill Inman, president of Emergent, said. “The marketplace is ready for a new approach that allows companies to source their own contingent workforces while reducing employment liability and gaining greater transparency and more control over their labor costs.”

The solution is not completely original, however, being modeled after successful best practices long used in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

“The Emergent family of companies, which includes Entertainment Partners and Central Casting, pioneered this model 35 years ago,” Inman said. “For decades, we’ve helped movie and television productions keep their staffing costs low by employing the contingent workers they source themselves. Emergent now wants to transform how other industries source their contingent labor using this same solution.”

The traditional approach to building a contingent workforce involves managing multiple vendors, which introduce additional costs and risks. Emergent’s solution lets companies use their own existing resources, social media technology, and online job boards to develop their own workforce of temporary workers. Emergent acts as the employer of the workforce for the duration of each assignment. The company states that the method can save companies up to 25 percent over the traditional multi-vendor approach.

“Few would argue that the contingent staffing landscape is changing fast and companies are looking towards innovation and flexibility to gain the most value from this emerging workforce,” Inman saud. “Emergent is empowering companies to maximize the value of this workforce with a model that has proven to be compliant, efficient, and cost transparent.”

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