emlogis logoEmLogis’ online alternative to traditional spreadsheets, designed to be adaptable within the current technological landscape, is now being offered free for a 30 day trial period. The state-of-the-art online employee scheduling system offers revisable spreadsheets making the scheduling process more efficient. EmLogis comes in three versionsTeam, Professional, and Enterprise editionsoffering a comprehensive suite of tools to help employers cut back on the manual work by automating the scheduling process.

“Today’s society is online, not buried in a standalone application or stuck on a piece of paper taped to a supervisor’s door,” Chris Kiklas, vice president of Services at EmLogis, said. “By taking scheduling off of the desktop and into the cloud, we are able to leverage a significantly larger resource pool and understand usage patterns to deliver a far superior scheduling package.”

But beyond simple automation, the new tool offers additional optimization benefits, such as cost and overtime minimization, central scheduling for multiple teams, workflow management, shift creation capabilities, and time-saving features like email and text alerts, self-training videos, and an employee portal. The delivery of the solution as a SaaS allows EmLogis to continuously improve the product with improved features responding directly to customer feedback.

“We know that employee scheduling online to some companies may seem like something out of reach in terms of complexity and cost,“ Les Amidei, EmLogis’ CEO, said. “But we believe that if they can give us 30 days, we can change their minds. Not only can they be up and running in no time, after a full month of use, they will never want to switch back to the old ways of scheduling again.”


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