newsSynergroup has announced that it has observed a major increase in interest from domestic companies looking to fill IT positions with American workers. The company has found that, over the past several months, outsourcing jobs overseas has become more costly and the state of the economy has motivated more companies to consider keeping jobs in the U.S. Even near-shore countries are becoming a less cost-effective option when compared to native computer specialists.

Mark Jennings, vice president of Synergroup said, “What we’re hearing from clients seeking IT personnel is that a cost-point has been crossed. Hiring American is now both good policy and good economics.”

Even beyond the considerations of costs, the factors of enhanced reputation and company image that businesses receive for keeping jobs in American are considerable, especially with the attention election-year politics bring to the economy and jobs market, and corporate hiring policies in particular. The negative public relations aspect to shipping jobs oversees has become more significant to many companies who now cannot afford to ignore the stigma of being labeled “unpatriotic.”

Jennings said, “What employers have discovered is the less-than-perfect fit overseas personnel provide their own business operations. On a variety of levels – including communication, productivity and employee turnover – outsourcing too often fails to deliver savings. It simply comes down to unrealistic expectations,” Jennings continues, “American computer programmers working remote, for instance, will often accept hourly wages that are highly competitive with workers from Bangalore – especially if the full cost of off-shoring is factored in.”

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