October 26, 2018

Ensuring a Great Candidate Experience in High-Volume Recruiting


As of recent, candidate experience has become a primary concern in the world of HR. It’s a reasonable development: Today, it’s a candidate’s world. We’re just working in it.

As the job market shifts in the candidate’s favor, employers need to dive deep into their recruiting processes to make sure applicants are enjoying their experiences with the company from the very beginning.

This may not seem like such a hard task when you’re making a couple hires a month. When you’re hiring large amounts of candidates at once, however, it can seem downright impossible.

The good news is: It isn’t actually impossible. The following tips can help you ensure every candidate has a great experience, even in high-volume recruiting.

If You Build It, They Will Come

It’s no secret  that  candidates talk about their experiences. Do you know what they are saying about your company’s recruiting process? Build a candidate experience worthy of praise by keeping the process simple and being transparent with candidates. Job seekers will appreciate that, and they’ll share the positivity they felt throughout the experience with other job seekers. As word spreads, you’re likely to see your talent pools expand.

Automate, Automate, Automate

Automation is key to a quick and easy recruiting process. This is especially true in a high-volume recruiting situation.

Without automation, your HR department has to screen hundreds of candidates manually. We like to think HR departments are filled with superheroes, but these hard workers are not invincible. In a high-volume situation, even the best of the best are sure to feel some burnout, which can lead to less-than-stellar candidate experiences.

By automating repetitive tasks like resume screening, you can save your employees’ energy for the important, high-touch aspects of the recruiting process. Plus, the consistency of automation allows you to evaluate candidates with more concrete criteria and less personal bias.

Keep It Personal

Automation is one heck of a game-changer, especially when hiring applicants in mass. By using the same exact process to evaluate each prospect, you put all candidates on a level playing field, ensuring fruitful comparisons and informed choices.

However, you should be careful not to automate too much of the process. Automation can save time, cut costs, and maintain consistency, but for the sake of your candidate experience, your applicants need some human-to-human interaction.

One step that should never be automated: the offer. Keep the candidate experience going strong by creating personalized, exciting offers for each hire.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Want to know what works and what doesn’t in your recruiting process? Just ask your candidates.

Send an automated survey to all of your candidates, including those who were rejected, to gauge the positives and negatives in your process. Take note of what candidates are raving about and what they could do without. Keep the survey anonymous to ensure everyone gives their honest input.

Take this feedback to heart. These individuals have been through your process. They know it even better than you do, in some ways. Whenever possible, implement their suggestions to improve the candidate experience for future applicants.

High-volume recruiting comes with pressure. However, you don’t have to sacrifice great candidate experiences just to get a lot of hires in the door. Follow the above tips, and you can attract all the talent you need without leaving a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

A version of this article originally appeared on the XOR.ai blog.

Aida Fazylova is CEO and founder of XOR.ai.

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Aida is the CEO and founder of XOR.ai and a former recruiter. She started XOR to help recruiters focus on the hiring and strategic planning that comes with being a recruiter. Aida previously worked in IT recruitment and project management for more than six years.