financial numbersIn 2013, 48, 160, 423 job separations took place, and 39.9 percent of those employees had been at their job for less than six months.

This is the recent data from leading HR services company, Equifax Workforce Solutions, and its latest infographic, “Employee Turnover Trends in 2013” According to Equifax, this resource is available to help employers understand actual – not self-reported – turnover trends, by geography, industry and cause.

Key highlights from the data include:

  • Voluntary turnover – where employees choose to leave – is on the rise, increasing 3.5 percentage points in 2013 from the previous year
  • At 75.7 percent, the voluntary turnover rate for clothing and clothing accessory stores in 2013 was 15.9 percentage points above the national average
  • 19.5 percent of voluntary turnover in real estate was due to employee dissatisfaction, which was 15.6 percentage points above the national average
  • Alaska had the highest turnover rate (57.7%), followed by Wyoming (55.5%), Oklahoma (53.9%), Utah (53.6%) and Louisiana (52.6%). The national turnover rate in 2013 was 43 percent.

See the infographic and more employment trends at

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