techEvidence from two new pieces of research strongly suggest that HR professionals are turning to technology at an accelerating rate as they attempt to improve their image through increased productivity and decreased churn. A report by Relocate Magazine found that many business executives hold a very negative view of HR and feel HR professionals need to approach data with a more scientific approach. The second survey, from Towers Watson, found that HR sectors are being increasingly restructured to become more focused on technology.

Of organizations surveyed for the Towers Watson report, 44 percent (an 18 percent jump, over-the-year), said that they were going to change the structure of their human resources department in either 2012 or 2013. The restructuring is largely attributed to advancements in HR technology such as SaaS, which are ignored at an organization’s own peril. Over half of polled organizations said that their spending will remain the same in 2013, but nearly one-third intend to significantly increase their investments in HR technologies. Only 16 percent expect reductions in their 2013 HR technology budget.

Additional surveys have found that the so-called technology “creep” is clearly penetrating into the HR and talent management sectors while Big Data is increasing being used to reduce attrition rates. Tellingly, spending on talent management software jumped 15 percent in 2011, rising to $3.8 billion.

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