vorex logoVorex PSA’s newly enhanced software for customizing business automation solutions is bucking the tradition of providing technology priced out of reach for all but the wealthiest of companies. Designed to meet the needs of small businesses looking to develop a professional services automation solution (PSA), Vorex’s creation is functionally similar to uber-expensive versions but is offered at a fraction of the price.

“Customized PSA Solutions can be expensive,” Mike Salem, CEO at Vorex, said. “So unless you are a Fortune 500 Company with a seemingly limitless budget, you are forced to make do with one of those other one-size-fits most solutions. Then, what you end up with is something that doesn’t quite fit your needs, creating more challenges than efficiencies.”

Vorex not only offers its PSA solution at a more budget-friendly price, but also bases its upgrades and product changes on user feedback and features requests. This approach has led to an affordable solution with a professional-grade automation suite featuring benefits such as:

• All feature requests are reviewed by a software engineer;

• Customers can request custom changes to their software;

• Updates are performed and provided at no additional cost; and

• Real-world needs are the basis for all updates.

“Since launching our customer-centric upgrade initiative, we have been afforded some amazing insights into what our customers really need and what they can use,” Salem said. “The result has been a complete reimagining of what the word solution actually means. No longer are we engineering a solution we ‘think’ our customer can use. Instead, we have created a solution we ‘know’ delivers results.”


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