Facebook CrowdSome say Facebook has half a billion page-views a month, others say a trillion. Measuring the exact amount of traffic is impossible without Facebook’s internal stats. Needless to say, it’s big. Really big – which is why developers have been developing Facebook applications like mad, including applications for job search.

Although no one seems to have too much insight into Facebook traffic, we can seem to tell the popularity of applications on Facebook.

Facebook appears to make certain metrics about applications public, such as Monthly Active Users (MAU), which is the amount of unique people that use a particular service every month. Additionally, a new service called Socialbakers that specializes in social media statistics publicizes Facebook application metrics. From Socialbakers’ reporting, we can tell which Facebook applications are receiving the most traction and growth.

For some time now, a lot of attention has been paid to recruiting with Facebook. A large number of standalone, pure-play companies in the recruiting space have been created to develop Facebook recruiting technology, such as Branchout. Additionally, many existing job boards, applicant tracking systems, and even recruiting firms have developed their own Facebook job applications.

Compared to LinkedIn, recruiting on Facebook is still a niche service. However, with Facebook’s phenomenal growth and traffic, smart companies know that they have to be there; strong growth of recruiting on Facebook appears to be a given. Facebook may itself offer job board services or a few of the startup job application providers will win.

From Socialbakers’ Facebook application stats, we can see that certain Facebook applications for jobs are experiencing incredible growth. BeKnown, Monster.com’s professional networking/job application appears to be gaining rapidly. According to Socialbakers, the Beknown application has 1,413,421 monthly users. However, it also shows a month over month growth rate of over 110%. Although there has been a lot of concern about social media’s impact to the job board giant, they seem to emerging as early leaders in Facebook recruiting. The site shows Branchout, the pure play on Facebook job posting, with 1,329,002 monthly users.

A million+ users per month of any job related service indicates both real demand and use, which means there will be a fight. Who will win the fight of Facebook job applications? It’s much too early to tell. For now, it seems that there is a pattern of fast growth and that the trend of using Facebook for job search is real and here to stay.

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