December 7, 2011

Featured Case Study: The Importance of Integration

Applicant Tracking IntegrationOftentimes, growing companies have an urgent need to simply get their Applicant Tracking System up and running. They implement the ATS, and begin posting jobs and accepting resumes.

However, down the road, they discover a need to integrate their ATS with third party solutions, such as job distribution, background checking, assessments, screening, and payroll solutions.  Many companies experience roadblocks at this point because their ATS provider is unable to integrate with external systems. Fortunately, there are ATS providers who will rise to the challenge of a complex integration.

The Challenge: Two Separate Candidate Systems

For example, PJM Interconnection, a regional transmission organization (RTO) that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity, faced the challenge of having candidate data living in two separate systems- an ATS and an applicant screening system.  In order to maintain the flow of candidate information, HR personnel were manually transferring data from one system to another, which was a very time consuming process.

In addition, this process often led to the inaccuracy or loss of important data.  In the energy industry, there is a critical need to hire well-screened people due to compliance and governmental guidelines.  Inaccurate information could lead to a hiring choice that is detrimental to the organization.

The Integrated Solution

Recognizing a critical need, PJM Interconnection challenged iCIMS and Truescreen to work together to create a seamless flow of candidate information. iCIMS is a SaaS provider of talent management solutions, and   Truescreen provides customized applicant screening services, including background checks, occupational health screening, and DOT compliance services.

As a result of the quick and painless integration between iCIMS and Truescreen, PJM Interconnection now enjoys the ability to automatically pass candidate information from their ATS to their applicant screening system. This has saved their HR department valuable time and increased overall efficiency. Furthermore, PJM Interconnection can rest assured their candidate information is accurate, allowing them to screen out high-risk candidates and hire quality employees.

A Critical Priority

PJM’s story demonstrates that when selecting an Applicant Tracking System, integration should be an important priority. Even if you don’t need integration with outside systems now, you should be careful to choose an ATS that can seamlessly integrate down the road, as your business grows and evolves.  Integrating business processes across all of your applications can save valuable time and ensure data consistency. In addition, it can increase your access to job candidates and provide even more convenience.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use ATS with robust functionality and integration capabilities, you should check out iCIMS. iCIMS is a well-recognized leader in talent management technology and an industry leader in customer service. View this online demo to discover how iCIMS’ Talent Platform can streamline your end-to-end talent management initiatives and facilitate a successful and cost-effective recruitment program for your organization.

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