newsThough currently still in beta, FindHire’s new website offers a user-friendly recruitment interface while conforming to each organization’s recruitment strategy and image. The app seeks to streamline and simplify the entire hiring process from the search for talent to the job offer potentially saving companies thousands of dollars in fees. With a nod to the next-generation of recruitment practices, the app also allows recruiters to take the recruitment process mobile with its compatibility with the iPad.

“We really wanted to take a very outdated and old service business, and adapt it into a web-based interface that anyone could easily understand and be successful with right out of the gate,” said CEO and co-founder Michael Dennis, “I noticed the industry shifting away from big recruitment fees, even my more progressive technology clients didn’t want to pay anymore. They were looking for a software solution that did the same thing I did for a lot less.”

Through the addition of layers of filtering “FindWords,” incoming resumes are filtered out through a set of keywords and are organized alongside an analytics page on a customizable dashboard. In iTunes-like scrolling fashion, recruiters can search their database of resumes in a so-called “Candidate Flow” along with candidate star ratings grading each resume’s compatibility factor with a given job description. The service is offered both on the web from the website and in mobile app format which is available in the Apple App store.

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