tableFair or not, your success as a job seeker often depends on the very first impression you make. Many interviewers make a decision about your suitability for a role within the first 5-15 minutes of an interview – which isn’t much time at all.

And if you’re a recruiter, you don’t have it much easier. A great candidate may decide not to work with you based on nothing more than a single email or your tone of voice during a phone call.

First impressions matter beyond the world of hiring, too. Bad first impressions can derail sales pitches, sabotage potential partnerships, and land you on your boss’s bad side.

If you want to make the best possible first impression, check out the new infographic from online lenders On Stride Financial. Not only does the infographic cover how to really wow someone upon your first meeting, but it also touches on how to do so without seeming desperate. See the full graphic below:


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