firstchat for enhanced engagement strategiesBPO services provider Firstsource has announced the release of a new webchat solution for enhanced customer engagement. The web-based FirstChat enables organizations to reduce the costs of customer engagement efforts while raising customer satisfaction levels through a better online experience.

“We know that our clients want to reduce call volumes and encourage customers to self-serve, without compromising on the customer experience,” said Iain Regan, Firstsource Global Head of Sales and Marketing. “We have seen impressive results for those clients who have already adopted FirstChat as part of their multi-channel customer service strategy.”

The new tool uses a webchat platform to both facilitate self-service and first-contact resolution. Firstsource customer service advisors act to guide customers to the sought after information and, otherwise, help to quickly resolve issues for each client. Additionally, FirstChat enables companies to:

• Increase sales conversions

• Improve Net Promoter Score

• Increase First Contact Resolution

• Improve efficiency through concurrent chats

• Reduce cost to serve

• Reduce email and call volume reductions

The webchat tool is available for use on desktop, mobile devices, and tablets and can provide rich media content, such as text, graphics, and video. Chat buttons and invitations are also customizable for page placement to create a more strategically minded website.


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