flypaper releases digital signage solutionsFlypaper Studios has announced the addition of a content management system to its leading content creation platform, Flypaper CMS. Flypaper CMS is a comprehensive set of digital signage solutions enabling users to manage, schedule, and monitor multiple digital display screens and networks from one workstation.

Flypaper CMS relies on three fundamental elements to produce a single, unified system: the Scheduler, the Dashboard, and the Cloud. The Scheduler provides the capabilities to determine when and where content will appear and which content will be displayed. Different content can be easily made to appear in different locations and content schedulers can display priority content for specified periods of time, which takes precedence over regularly scheduled content.

The Dashboard is the single-screen interface that grants control over all displays in a unified environment. Any screen is instantly accessible for easy identification of abnormal conditions. Each screen with Flypaper installed processes information sent from the scheduler and will continue to run the current content in the case of a lost Internet connection. Once connection is restored, Flypaper automatically checks for updated schedules and content.

Since Flypaper is located in the cloud, it has the benefit of being accessible through any web browser with no software installs or maintenance costs.

“Our content creation software makes it easy to create great, interactive digital content,” says Flypaper President, Don Pierson. “Now, we’re making it easy to manage that content as well. Flypaper CMS makes it possible to create, manage and schedule your digital content under a single umbrella.”


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