ArrowsFlypaper Studio, maker of leading content creation platform Flypaper 3.7, has announced the addition of Flypaper Connect for Google Calendar, which allows users to access and update event information already stored in a Google Calendar document. Content may then be displayed without the need to republish a Flypaper project. All data-based event and appointment information for digital signage programs is easily managed and maintained though Flypaper Connect for Google Calendar. Google Calendar is a free feature within a Google account and is required to use Flypaper Connect for Google Calendar.

“Flypaper Connect for Google Calendar provides Flypaper users with a time-saving tool to keep audiences up to date with the latest event and appointment information,” said Don Pierson, founder and president of Flypaper Studio, Inc. “Flypaper Connect for Google Calendar makes it easy for users to maintain and update their digital displays with calendar-centric content anytime, anywhere.”

The new functionality joins three other Flypaper Connect bundles that offer unique ways to send real-time data to digital displays without republishing content from Flypaper. Other bundles include Flypaper Connect for Google Docs, Comma Separated Values (CSV), and Advanced Data Grid. The purchase of any of the four Flypaper Connect bundles can be made through the Flypaper Marketplace feature in Flypaper 3.7 or from More information about Flypaper Connect can be found at the product’s website.


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