next-gen talent management solutionLightWork Talent Management (formerly PerformancePAM Talent Management) is a next generation talent management software that helps identify strengths and areas for improvement in employee performance while aiding in goal setting for corporate success. LightWork utilizes a Windows-like web-based interface that integrates with any HR systemparticularly Sage HRMS. The redesigned platform offers all of the capabilities of the previous product while adding further flexibility and customizable interfaces.

“These latest advancements in LightWork speak to our continued commitment to provide the highest level user experience both with our product and through our interactions with customers,” says Elizabeth Counts, Director of Business Development for LightWork Software. “We are excited to share LightWork’s clean look and feel and strong configuration options that make it a natural choice for any company looking for a strong talent management solution.”

A few of the new features now available on the platform include increased browser capability, improved group security, and visual customization. Expanded branding options include the ability to define a product with color theming, logo replacement, and text modification. Profiles offer employee pictures allowing administrators to identify valuable organizational assets. LightWork is easily deployable and provides a simplified employee performance appraisal system requiring little effort towards maintenance.

LightWork is fully web-based for anytime, anywhere access and features customizable templates, progress tracking capabilities, notifications, goal management, and scoring. The system is a largely self-maintained solution with quick setup and comprehensive automatic system-management features.


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