finger touching virtual screen, connecting peopleRemember, LLC has announced the launch of its new free iOS app, NewHabits, which offers knowledge card decks to aid in training employees with long-term behavioral changes. Different decks are available to meet specific needs including those for willpower, creativity, influence, and observation skills, to name a few. The free app includes two complimentary decks and provides a platform to easily use, organize, and share the cards. Additional decks may be purchased as required with several forthcoming titles already announced by the developer including decks on: happiness, teamwork, brain health, emotional intelligence, and money management.

The NewHabits program is designed around the so-called micro-learning method, which breaks content down into its smallest relevant “chunks” of knowledge. Each card instructs trainees what to think and do in a given situation and takes only minutes to use. Each user plays one card per day from their deck in order to experiment with the instructions in order to eventually master each practice. The small-steps approach ensures an accumulation of knowledge that translates into large scale skills and habits over time.

Each deck of cards focuses on a certain behavior change and uses general advice combined with how-to knowledge to more naturally encourage behavioral change. Additionally, the NewHabits marketplace is designed in an open fashion which seeks independent authors who are interested in publishing their own decks. NewHabits is available from iTunes or the Apple App Store.


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