newspaperThe Attorney Search Group, a leading legal-search firm recruiting partner-level attorneys, has released a downloadable process map to help law firms improve hiring capacity and effectiveness. Called Recommended Lateral Hiring Process Flow Chart, the free tool is the brainchild of recruiting expert, Scott Love, founder of The Attorney Search Group.

“Growth through lateral hiring is a sound strategy when executed with focus, momentum, and clarity of purpose,” Love says. “Some management consultants advise law firms to consider this to be just ‘renting market share,’ but when done with realistic and positive leadership and a sensitive eye on integration; it can be an effective method to grow a law firm.”

Love has a clear opinion on the primary areas needing improvement when wooing partners from other firms:

“There is a saying in our business that time kills all deals. For some firms, lateral hiring is something they think they should do because everyone else is doing it and they act like amateurs in their process. They say they want to grow but they are hitting at it with a stick and there is no commitment to execution. In contrast to this, I also have some AMLAW100 clients where the chairman has retained me on priority searches. This commitment from the leadership gets people’s attention, and sends a signal to the legal community that this firm is serious about effective growth with key lateral hires.”

“I designed it to be a starting point for law firms to consider their own internal hiring process. If you measure something, such as flowing out the process in a visual diagram, then you can improve it.” Love said.

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