FoodIt is unlikely that anyone would argue against getting free food at work, but if a company is relying solely on free food to motivate employees, it can start to get a little old. The best workplace perks are personal and show employees how much their employer values their work. Collected here are more than a dozen workplace perks that go beyond the norm in providing creative experiences that save employees time and add fun to their jobs all at relatively little cost to employers:

  1. Flexible schedules: A company may not be able to offer employees the option of working remotely all the time or creating their own schedules, but such privileges could be offered periodically as work from home days or an extra a day off once or twice a month.
  2. Concierge services: A pricier perk is an on-site concierge to help them accomplish everyday errands at work, such as mailing packages, delivering groceries, getting oil changes, and picking up prescriptions.
  3. Free classes: Employers may offer free classes designed to engage the creativity of their employees or provide industry-related presentations from professional speakers.
  4. Free alcohol: Give employees some time to drink free beer (after clocking out) and even take home a bottle of wine or a six-pack once a week.
  5. Free massages: It’s becoming more typical for companies to offer massages as a work perk, including free monthly massages or sending masseuses to employees’ desks for occasional mid-day rubdowns.
  6. Discounts on event tickets and retailers: Offer savings on movie tickets and brand-name retailers, online stores, or other discounts for services and goods at popular shopping destinations.
  7. On-site child care: What parent wouldn’t be grateful for free child care?
  8. On-site haircuts: A number of employers seem to be catching on to the trend of providing free haircuts as a convenience perk to their employees, whether on-site or off.
  9. Community service days: Sponsoring companywide volunteer days is a good way to boost employee morale and encourage team-building at the same time.
  10. Nap rooms: Providing designated “nap rooms” where employees can get a mid-day power nap can boost productivity and relieve stress.
  11. Free play: Whether it’s a designated “playroom” for employees with games or holding an after-hours bowling game, allowing employees to play together can boost productivity and strengthen team bonding.
  12. Fitness discounts: One of the more popular trends in workplace perks is providing some sort of health club discount. Health and wellness perks can come in many forms, from on-site fitness facilities and yoga classes to company-sponsored weight loss programs.
  13. Employee referral bonuses: One of the best ways to reward great employees is also one of the best ways to attract new employees. Many employers offer referral incentives like iPads and big-screen TVs for referring new hires.
  14. Hack-a-thons: Hack-a-thons, or hack days, have become a mainstay for companies of every size and industry. These events tap into workers’ creativity and sense of accomplishment and tend to generate new business ideas.
  15. Pet-friendly environments: A growing number of companies allow employees to bring their dogs to work.

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