December 8, 2014

GeoTargeting Collegiate Recruiting Software Targets Field of Study, Degree Level

geotargeting collegiate recruitingGeoTargeting by Mytasca provides recruiters the capability of finding a precise type of college student down to detail such as zip code, field of study, college degree level, and other key search criteria. Doing a zip code search with the Mytasca database offers data including: number of mile radius away from the company, area of discipline, and degree by school, and immediately provides a list of access to candidates.

“There has been wonderful synergy around Mytasca that has us continually finding new ways to make it even simpler for recruiters to find all of the right interns or recent college graduates,” says Tom Borgerding, founder of Campus Media Group, the parent company of Mytasca. “Our long time relationships with thousands of colleges and universities throughout North America, provides us with a unique ‘boots on the ground’ perspective on how to make corporate recruiters jobs easier. From the very start, our intention has always been to have Mytasca help focus on what’s most important: placement of the most suitable job candidates in a timely manner.”

All search results can be saved as “favorites” under terms like “Contacts, Career Centers, Events, or Institutions” for easy access and reference for each specific search. The database contains more than 4,500 schools, including both online and brick-and-mortar institutions. The database is free for educational institutions’ career centers to list their information and combines U.S. government Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) statistics data with university career center data. This includes details such as contact information, recruiting-related events and services at every 2-year and 4-year college and university.

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