wowzerHow easy should it be to video interview with your next prospective employee today?

We’ve all tried those chat-enablers (such as MSN/Yahoo Messengers, Google, Skype and the works) that allow you to video chat with friends and family, but we haven’t really employed it for interviews, have we? Now, that’s where Wowzer comes in to usher in a new era of video interviewing that may become the future of recruiting.

For those of you still unaware of the technology, Wowzer is a video screening and interviewing technology platform formerly known as OVIA. Wowzer enables you to find the most suitable personnel in the least possible time, thereby ensuring that your next employee begins adding value to the company immediately. It helps eliminates the phone screening process, which HR professionals typically experience wastes time for the company. It also helps companies make better decisions pertaining to candidates as the interview and screening process is personalized.

Last but not least, Wowzer provides structured interviews that should provide better results, while also conveying your company’s culture and values the way you want them to be seen. This may be just the start: Wowzer has announced a major investment from strategic partner and one of the leading players in the global recruitment industry, Recruit. Wowzer promises exciting innovations that will enhance and simplify the recruitment process.

Speaking about the upcoming announcement, CEO Co-founder Mr. Rodrigo Martinez said, “Our goal at Wowzer is to become the new and better standard of recruitment. We want to transform the process into a memorable and engaging experience for both candidates and recruiters and having Recruit on board brings us one step closer to achieving that goal.”

Co-Founder and General Partner at DCM, David Chao added: “Wowzer‘s focus and commitment to delivering the best candidate experience is a top priority and no one better understands the dynamics of the relationship between candidates and recruitment teams than Recruit.”

Human capital is by far the greatest asset any company can possess. Managers who use Wowzer know that it eliminates a whole bunch of hurdles and streamlines the process allowing users to find the best talent in the most efficient way. David Chao, who is associated with DCM as well as Wowzer was also quoted as saying, “productivity process-wise, this is the future of recruitment.” It’s a big statement, but one that at least a few more people are placing big bets on.

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