get hiredGetHired, a provider of end-to-end hiring solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, has announced its Job Seeker Spotlight program for sending daily updates to employers and recruiters highlighting five pre-screened applicants whose resumes are exceptionally well suited for a particular job post. Job Seeker Spotlight is available for all types of jobs from hourly positions to those requiring highly skilled and trained workers. The program removes some of the hassle of the resume search process by allowing employers to focus more on highly-qualified, pre-selected candidates instead of wading through tens or hundreds of unfit applicants. Employers can specialize their search based on the metro area and industry in which they are hiring.

“Daily deal sites have grown in popularity because they allow large numbers of users to discover a new business in a single day,” said Suki Shah, co-founder and CEO at “What we’ve done at is to take the deal-per-day model and apply it to the hiring process to help employers and job seekers to better connect.”

The matched and selected applicants are sent to potential employers based on major job category and geography and are included in a personalized Job Seeker Spotlight email. Once received, employers can review a video introduction by the candidate, peruse his or her resume and recommendations, then reach out to the candidate through’s automatic scheduling system.

Shah went on to say, “Our Job Seeker Spotlight is a conduit for job seekers to stand out and have hundreds of hiring managers learn about them in just a few hours, at no cost. As a result, employers are able to find the best candidates in a fraction of the time – while job seekers benefit from immediate, targeted exposure to hiring managers in their industry.”

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