NewsKindle has recently released “Getting Results the Agile Way”, which is a time management system for those who want better time management skills and better results.  Created by J.D. Meier, this system combines principles and lessons learned from “project management, software engineering, and personal development.”  The system is centered around time management tips and helps achievers utilize their desires and behavior for “meaningful results in work and life.”

Agile Results is used in the workplace as well as at home and is a system designed to bring improvement in productivity.  This system views time management in three ways:

The Rule of 3. This guideline helps one to prioritize by selecting three goals for the day, week, month, and year.  Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection. This guideline establishes the practice of every Monday one chooses three goals for the week, every day one chooses three goals for the day, and Fridays one reflects on outcomes.  ” Hot spots” us another designation from the book, which ought to be visible, as opportunities arise, certain pains will also appear.  It is by focusing on the Hot Spots that one will focus time and effort to achieve better results.

On a larger scale, the Getting Results Knowledge Base is a company dedicated to free time management tips and strategies.  It is helpful for those who want to balance their time and improve productivity.

You may find Getting Results the Agile Way at

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