analytics for predicting when candidates will change jobsGild, a company that finds, engages, and evaluates technical talent with data and intelligence, has announced the release of Spotlight, a predictive analytics engine running on patented algorithms.  As an add-on feature of Gild’s flagship product, Gild Source, Spotlight uses predictive analytics to determine whether a developer is actively looking for a job. The new product gives recruiters insight into which developers will be most receptive to being contacted about new job opportunities.

Spotlight uses an algorithm that incorporates over 20 million job change events and hundreds of signals that reflect new job readiness behavioral patterns, including location, years of work experience, job hopping behavior, and social network to create the Gild Availability score, a five-point score that ranges from Very Unlikely to Active. This data is refreshed every two weeks to keep the predictions fresh.

The level of a candidate’s availability, or the Availability score, appears next to Gild’s Expertise and Demand scores, which rank a developer’s technical level and their market value, respectively. The new Spotlight feature is completely integrated into Gild Source and Gild’s browser extension.

Spotlight helps recruiters avoid approaching prospects who aren’t interested in changing jobs, making the time they spend on outreach more effective and time efficient. Similarly, Spotlight provides recruiters with a heads-up as to when a developer may be close to making a move, including specific coaching on timing and overall approach.

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