top 25 companies 2014 sectionGlassdoor recently released its Top 25 Companies for Culture & Values (2014), rankings based entirely off employee feedback over the past year (with ratings based on a 1-5). Social networking site Twitter landed in the no. 1 spot this year, receiving a 4.5 rating for culture & values. PR agency Edelman took the no. 2 spot with a 4.4 score while Google, also earning a 4.4, helped round out the top three.

According to the 2014 results, 11 companies among the top 25 are within the tech industry, including Facebook (#5, 4.3), Intuit (#11, 4.1) and Apple (#15, 4.1), among others. Following technology, the retail industry was the second most-represented with three companies among the top 25: HEB (#10), Wegmans (#12) and REI (#22). And, coming in seventh place, Chick-fil-A was the only restaurant gracing this year’s list.

Along with the complete list, Glassdoor also shared comments from employees of the top ranking companies:

Twitter-Ranking #1

“Team meetings on the roof are the best, great teamwork and a lot of smart people. I love how the 10 core values drive the company to always be better.” – Twitter Software Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Google-Ranking #3

“The idealism is also reflected in the projects that get funded: not so many projects that chase the gimmick-of-the-day; more projects that lay out a vision of a better world.” – Google Staff Software Engineer (Cambridge, MA)

Chevron-Ranking #9

“Intelligent people who treat each other with respect. Chevron “walks the talk” regarding our values and the Chevron Way.” – Chevron Earth Scientist (Houston, TX)

CDW-Ranking #13

“The people! They really want to help you. The culture truly promotes the coworker and you do have a say in a large company.” – CDW Corporate Account Manager (Chicago, IL)

Procter & Gamble-Ranking #21

“Procter and Gamble gives fantastic training and truly wants you to succeed as an individual. The culture in the plant is very positive and I feel like everyone wants to help one another.” – Procter & Gamble Process Engineer(Greensboro, NC)

top 25 companies 2014


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