global talent dominated by USThe Indeed Hiring Lab has revealed that there are three global labor destinations: the U.S., UK and Canada. These countries attract the most candidates from around the world; the U.S. receiving searches from 50.2 percent of international job seekers. The research also found that of the four emerging BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), only India is effectively attracting talent from around the world, having better integrated into the global economy compared to other isolated countries.

The Hiring Lab report, “Where People Search for Jobs: Cross-Border Labor Mobility,” found that 9.1 percent of job seekers worldwide are searching for jobs in another country with 50.2 percent of all job seekers searching for jobs within the United States. The U.S., UK and Canada receive the greatest mix of job seekers from other countries, followed closely by India. The U.S. in particular received searches from all other countries studied while the majority of searches to the UK stemmed from Asian and European countries. Research also found that people are leaving India for work in the U.S./UK.

Similar to the global workforce, the U.S. also faces fluctuations in unemployment, resulting in the need to distribute skilled workers where they’re needed most. Indeed found that the larger the share of a state’s population with a bachelor’s degree, the larger the share of residents are searching for jobs in other states. A total of 27.8 percent of American job seekers are actively on the job search for positions in another state.

“The research clearly suggests that employers should not stop looking for talent at state lines. Keeping that focus local may not give a full sense of the available, or best, labor pool. Similar to the global trends we’ve seen, job seekers are interested in moving across borders, so state talent pools can also be thought of as national talent pools,” Dr. Tara Sinclair, lead economist at Indeed, said.

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