peer relationships create engaged employeesIn a recent report released by Globoforce, a leading provider of social recognition solutions, U.S. workers say that peer relationships are critical to job happiness, commitment, and creating more memorable milestone experiences.

The Fall 2014 Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker examines the current attitudes and perspectives of U.S. employees about work friendships, and how those peer relationships and peer recognition impact the work anniversary experience.

Key insights and findings from the report include:

  • Relationships are critical to the modern work experience and increase employee commitment.
  • U.S. employees say work friends have become central to job engagement and overall happiness.
  • 89 percent of survey respondents say that work relationships are important to their quality of life and 93 percent value the respect of work friends or colleagues
  • 64 percent of employees with between 6-25 co-worker friends love their companies, compared to only 24 percent who don’t have friends at work
  • 48 percent of employees with between 6-25 friends are highly engaged, compared to 28 percent with no friends at work

Additionally, the impact of the anniversary experience increases exponentially when peers, emotion, and recognition are involved:

  • U.S. employees surveyed are 28 percent more likely to feel appreciated if they work in companies where co-workers are included in their anniversary celebration and 44 percent more likely to identify themselves as highly engaged
  • Respondents are more than five times more likely to find the experience emotionally moving when peers and recognition are involved in the service anniversary experience
  • 95 percent found an anniversary with emotion and recognition to be a positive experience, and were three times more likely to say it made them feel more valued

“Our Fall Workforce Mood Tracker survey proves how important relationships are to our overall happiness and commitment at work,” said Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce. “The current workforce is one that thrives on positive emotion. With new social technologies at the forefront, HR leaders have an opportunity to transform how employees get the emotional validation they seek for their work and tenure with a company.”

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