crowdsourced recognition with video capabilityGloboforce, a leading provider of social recognition solutions, has announced the launch of Service Timelines, a new approach to years-of-service programs. Service Timelines reinvents these programs through personalized stories and videos from employees’ closest colleagues. This delivers a personal anniversary experience that reminds employees of all of the ways they have inspired others at work.

With Service Timelines, companies transform the approach to service anniversaries by:

  • Providing a deeply personal and inspiring experience for the recipient, including a full digest of all the people they have inspired over the years.
  • The mobilization of colleagues to share their stories and congratulations about the celebrated employee. This includes an industry-first video recognition capability for years of service.
  • Transforming the anniversary experience by widening the circle from a one-dimensional, manager-only celebration into a company-wide celebration. Service Timelines automates the involvement of peers, on a massive scale, eliminating stress on the current manager as a potential single point of failure.
  • Chronicling the employee’s career-long history of recognition moments while also reinforcing corporate values and culture at each anniversary.
  • Enabling celebrated employees to have an unlimited choice for redeeming rewards that are memorable and of meaning to them. Employees can select rewards from the large selection within Globoforce’s global rewards network.

“Service Timelines unleashes the power of real human relationships in the workplace,” said Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce. “Every company is a collection of communities, of human beings, bonded by their connection to each other through their work. We’re moving service anniversaries from an antiquated approach into an inspiring, rich tapestry of human experiences.”

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