redesigned mobile hiring appVirtual interviewing solutions provider GreenJobInterview has launched a new mobile app, called GreenJob One-Way, that is now available in the app stores for iOS and Android devices. The app’s interface provides a simple, intuitive user experience and users should see almost no difference when switching from a desktop to a mobile device.

“Candidate experience is crucial, not only to us, but to our clients as well,” said Cosmin Dumitrescu, GreenJobInterview Chief Technology Officer and internal champion of the application. “It’s why we decided to start with that experience first. The mobile app will make it easy for companies to conduct a video interview anywhere, anytime, saving the time and cost spent in scheduling and travel.”

“Our clients and candidates value efficiency and experience,” said Greg Rokos, president of GreenJobInterview. “This app embodies that. It’s incredibly simple to use and allows the recruiting cycle to move faster than ever without losing any of our personal, face-to-face experience.”

The process of the GreenJob One-Way App follows a simple path:

• Candidates receive an email invite for an interview.

• The jobseeker opens the email on his or her mobile device and downloads the app.

• Applicants log in with the provided information, confirm details, and can practice interview questions.

• When ready, the candidate submits recorded video responses to the employer.

“GreenJobInterview refuses to be mediocre. We are constantly identified as a leader in the space and know that mobile is the direction that hiring is going,” says Dumitrescu. “That is why you’ll see other exciting new apps and technologies coming out in the next months.” Rokos confirms that an entirely new set of applications, a company rebrand and improved candidate and client workflows are in the works.


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