release of two workforce building modulesCloud-based talent management solutions provider Halogen Software has announced the 1:1 Exchange and Halogen Myers-Briggs modules for improving organizational communications, collaboration, and coaching. The 1:1 Exchange meeting module gives organization the capability to incorporate information from diverse sets of talent management processes into one-on-one sessions to boost performance. The module facilitates improved one-on-one dialogues between management and employees through more meaningful communications between them.

The meeting tool, which can be fully integrated with a talent management suite, simplifies the process of reviewing and updating goals and development plans while sharing feedback and recognition. The 1:1 Exchange module also offers configurable open-ended questions for leading coaching conversations and support for follow ups to ensure issue resolution between meetings.

“The 1:1 Exchange meeting module can help foster a culture of ongoing performance and feedback,” said Dawn MacKay, Vice President of Product Management at Halogen. “It gives employees a regular opportunity to ask questions, clarify expectations, receive feedback on their performance, and provide feedback to their manager — all of which can boost engagement, productivity and business results.”

The Halogen Myers-Briggs module pulls the results of MBTI assessments into the Halogen Talent Management Suite and spreads the data across talent processes. Employees can then use the module to compare personality types and find ways to better interact with others who differ in personality.

“There is no other solution in the market that incorporates personality assessment data so seamlessly into a talent management suite,” said MacKay. “For the first time organizations can use personality insights via talent management programs to create a culture where employees understand how to work more effectively together, reduce conflict, build better teams, and enhance leadership; all of which can have a tremendous impact on employee engagement.”



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