new mobile interview appRecruitment technology company HarQen has announced the release of interview apps for its Voice Advantage interviewing tool that extend the tool’s functionality to mobile devices running iOS or Android. The apps are designed to complement the web-based platform for creating the ideal candidate experience. HarQen estimates that 40 percent of candidates interview during non-traditional business hours, thus the new apps provide further means for candidates to interview at their convenience.

“The candidate experience is central to the Voice Advantage experience, so we strive to make our tool comfortable and familiar for job seekers. Expanding our mobile options was a natural step for us. This focus was a key reason we initially incorporated phone interviewing into our tool, allowing recruiting organizations to hear the candidate’s true voice,” said Ane Ohm, HarQen President and Chief Operating Officer.

The mobile options continue to add flexibility to the Voice Advantage solution, which helps to remove common scheduling obstacles from the recruitment process.

“Our new apps make it even easier to engage job seekers, reducing friction in your recruitment process and connecting you with top talent faster,” said Ohm.

The apps are now available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.


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