Healthy companies logoNew research from consulting firm Healthy Companies International presented a range of scores for bosses around North America.

In its report card of sorts, supervisors were rated highly regarding ethics but only average on issues of employee motivation and even handedness. Approximately 2,700 employees were surveyed and asked “How do you rate your boss’s performance?” The rundown of the results follow:

• Acts in an ethical manner — 86%

• Behaves professionally toward employees — 84%

• Expresses values and personal belief in work — 81%

• Is open to suggestions and new ideas — 81%

• Encourages employees to excel — 79%

• Listens to employees’ work concerns — 77%

• Performs well under pressure — 77%

• Is willing to undertake the hard jobs — 76%

• Finds ways to show appreciation for a job well done — 72%

• Is collaborative and works well with others — 71%

• Sets a good example for employees — 71%

• Does not let emotions get in the way of decisions — 70%

• Is even-handed in dealings with employees — 69%

• Delivers on promises made — 68%

• Earns the trust of employees — 66%

• Communicates a clear vision of success — 65%

• Looks for ways to improve leadership skills — 64%

• Is open about own strengths and weaknesses — 63%

• Motivates employees during adversity — 59%, and

• Deals capably with workplace conflicts — 59%.


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