intersecting graph linesHealthIT nonprofit HIMSS recently released its 2013 Compensation Survey, which helps healthcare information technology (HIT) professionals compare salaries and compensation packages. HIMSS also created a graphic to go along with the survey of more than 1,100 HIT professionals. It offers salary information based on demographics such as organizational annual net revenue, geographic region and gender, for example.

“Healthcare professionals can use this information to gauge where they are now, or where they want to go, with their careers, in terms of salaries,” Jennifer Horowitz, senior director of Research at HIMSS Analytics, said. “The variables measured offers insights on the market itself, and average salary increase and salary information by key demographic variables, including organizational annual net revenue, facility type, geographic region, gender, professional level and length of service.”

Key findings of the survey include:

  • Of those surveyed, the average salary for healthcare IT professionals was $113,269 and the median salary was $95,000.
  • More than two-thirds (71.6%) of respondents reported receiving a salary increase while 46.8 percent said they received a bonus.
  • When it came to gender, on average men made $30+k more than women and earned a 1.04 percent higher salary increase.
  • Those in executive management positions experienced the highest salary increases at 6.10 percent while at 3.63 percent, associate staff had the lowest average salary increase.
  • The Mid-Atlantic and Pacific regions had HIT professionals with the highest average salaries while the East South Central and West North Central regions had the lowest.

“In health IT, as well as in any profession, people want to know what they are worth…in their specific job, in the marketplace where they work – or want to work, and for jobs they may be interested in pursuing,” Horowitz said. “HIMSS developed this graphic to use with its 2013 Compensation Survey to provide a visual reference to the survey results. The graphic presents “at-a-glance” information that people can easily access and utilize.”

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