auction marketplace goes liveD.C.-based HireBid LLC has announced the launch of the Hire.Bid marketplace. Hire.Bid connects lawyers, consultants, and other professionals with clients through an auction marketplace environment. Hire.Bid is targeted towards business, technical, and legal professionals based in Washington, D.C. and throughout the U.S. who want to earn extra income on the side on nights and weekends.

Hire.Bid provides an auction marketplace for professionals to offer their available time blocks to be bid upon by prospective clients. Instead of providing a marketplace that results in a race to the bottom in terms of price, the Hire.Bid model benefits both the most-qualified professionals and clients interested in using the information provided by the marketplace to help them select the best professionals.

“We are excited to finally bring the efficiencies of the Internet to the market for sophisticated business and legal work. Hire.Bid uses an entirely new approach to connecting professionals and clients on the Internet. In contrast to legacy online professional marketplaces, our system is attractive to the most-qualified professionals who command the highest fees in the offline world, as well as clients interested in hiring professionals that provide the highest level of service,” said Neil Sandhu, Founder and CEO of Hire.Bid.

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