Digital recruitment marketing agency HireClix has been authorized to resell Work4 Labs’ social recruitment suite to its client community through its incorporation into the agency’s Facebook recruiting campaigns. The application, named “Work for Us,” gives recruiters the ability to automatically list jobs on an organization’s Facebook page, target Facebook job ads, and let users refer candidates from their social network connections. Using Facebook’s cost-efficient, yet sophisticated targeting tools, Work for Us utilizes the powerful sourcing tool to develop highly-customized recruitment campaigns that reach a bevy of active and passive candidates and build the employment brand.

With the expanded market brought in through the use of Work for Us as a pivotal feature of its social networking solutions, HireClix promotes a three-pronged approach to best exploit the advantages of using social media recruiting. These steps include: a Facebook focused campaign, using of proven technology (i.e. Work for Us), and showcasing engaging stories. HireClix campaigns typically focus on the creation of a Facebook page with the specific purpose to recruit and develop a network of talent connection within this social domain. Publishing jobs on the page with tools such as Work for Us is important in order to create a positive experience for job seekers who are looking for consistent and regularly posted content. Finally, candidates feel more immersed in a company’s image when presented with compelling stories that portray an organization’s culture through text and video-based depictions of life within the company.

Remarking on the pair of companies and HireClix’s focus on Facebook, Neil Costa, CEO of HireClix said, “With more than 800 million active users, Facebook is the largest talent pool on the planet. Yet, it remains an untapped sourcing tool in the recruiting industry,” he continues, “Using a proven solution like Work for Us is a smart, easy and reliable tool to consistently publish jobs onto Facebook.”

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