Hireology logoWeb-based selection management platform, Hireology, recently released a free eBook titled 4 Tech Solutions Every HR Service Provider Needs in Their Toolkit that introduces readers to four technology tools to support productivity.

The new book, which targets HR Consultants, explains the four key elements of consulting: marketing, hiring/interviewing, organization and communication, and invoicing. It also covers the functions each of these tech tools support. The eBook was design to to inform HR consultants of the technology tools available to improve and streamline the services they offer to their clients.

According to the company, key features of the eBook include:

  • The best tech solutions to make your job easier
  • Includes sections on Hiring, Marketing, Invoicing and Organization
  • How to integrate these solutions into your existing process
  • Tips and advice on how to show your clients what you’re doing

“We’ve been working alongside HR consultants for a long time now,” Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology, said. “In order to fulfill their client’s needs, consultants have to wear many hats. The four technology tools outlined in this eBook support those multiple roles by encouraging productivity.”

Download a free copy of the eBook here.

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