HireVue logoTo help in the war for technical talent, video interviewing solutions provider HireVue is launching  CodeVue, the world’s first cloud-based digital recruiting platform built to rapidly and effectively identify, screen and assess technical talent. HireVue says the new solution allows candidates to more “conveniently and expressively” display their coding talents through a series of challenges during the digital interviewing process.

After interviewing, recruiters and hiring managers can review the candidates’ validated coding results—including scores, score details, raw and executed code, and their video responses to behavioral-based interview questions. HireVue says “the online interview responses, code samples and scores can be shared with other members of the hiring team for rapid collaboration, feedback and data-driven decisions.”

“As the demand for technical talent proliferates across industries, the need to evaluate their skills has become increasingly challenging,”Mark Newman, chief innovation officer at HireVue, said. “Recruiters often lack understanding of programming languages to properly assess a candidate. Additionally, C-level executives lack the time and resources to commit to the dramatically increasing demand of reviewing each candidate applying for a position. CodeVue™, integrated into HireVue’s digital platform, eliminates all of these problems by delivering an interactive, consistent, convenient and data-driven interview process for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates alike.”

Some other CodeVuefeatures include:

  • Coding challenges are available in 13 different programming languages
  • Ability to invite multiple candidates to complete coding challenges (and video response questions) at their convenience while recruiters and managers watch, rate and share responses on their own time
  • Scores for coding challenges and video response interview questions are rated numerically by all reviewers, making processes more objective and decisions more measured
  •  Submissions are compared to each other and flagged if very similar for cheating and plagiarism detection

Check out all the tool’s other features and view an introductory video here.

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