hirevue logoStemming from a $25 million round of funding (led by  Sequoia Capital), digital interview company HireVue recently launched its Talent Interaction Platform, designed to enhance existing applicant tracking, talent management, business and social applications. The new tool aims to deliver high-definition clarity into people’s character, cultural fit, personality, and potential.

Features include:

  • HireVue for Sourcing: branded social media and digital campaigns modernize employment branding, extend sourcing reach, engage passive candidates, and meet higher quality applicants.
  • HireVue for Screening: quickly screen more candidates in less time and get deeper insight early in the process with on demand digital interviews. Secure buy-in from team members and hiring managers by rating, comparing and sharing only the best candidates.
  • HireVue for Validation: multi-media questions, tests, and industry-specific evaluation tools perform deeper capabilities assessments and pose real-life scenarios to effectively evaluate skills.
  • HireVue for Interviewing: live online video and panel interview tools can be recorded and shared with the hiring team.
  • HireVue for Onboarding: video-enriched profiles allow candidates to introduce themselves and get to know new team members.

“What energizes us is the ability to infuse not only the human touch – but also efficiency, intelligence and accuracy – into talent interactions,” Mark Newman, CEO and founder of HireVue, said. “HireVue is working to help companies and people better connect – saving millions of hours and dollars wasted on static, broken and impersonal processes. People everywhere deserve a chance to have a voice, tell their story and be heard.”

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