May 13, 2019

How to Argue With Your Coworkers — Productively and Positively


There’s no room for fighting at work — but there is room for a good argument. In fact, we should probably be arguing with our coworkers more.

I’m not talking about slinging insults — I mean “argument” in terms of a robust and honest discussion of contrasting opinions. Research suggests that a mix of differing perspectives is the best way to bring new ideas to the table and drive business innovation.

Unfortunately, disagreements at work aren’t always easy or comfortable. People can get passionate about professional matters — especially if you are raising objections, concerns, or suggestions about a project they own.

That said, healthy argumentation between comradely coworkers is a vital part of an agile, engaging, and productive workplace. That’s why it’s in your company’s best interest if everyone knows how to civilly and dispassionately disagree.

Thanks to a new infographic from, you can learn the ins and outs of arguing at work — plus what to do if tensions boil over and things threaten to turn ugly. Check it out below:



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Matthew Kosinski is the managing editor of