funnelWe all know that a company’s success is based on its employees and those employees must be talented. Having a database of talented job seekers, or a talent pipeline, can help a company ensure it is bringing in the cream of the crop during the recruiting process. Yet, according to the infographic Talent Piplines: Approach Pays Off by recruitment research firm Qualigence International, “the trouble with talent pipelines is most hiring managers and recruiters define them differently, resulting in confusion, frustration and missed opportunities.”

Eaxctly how do talent pipeline views differ? The infographic provides an answer for that:

Talent Pipelines in the eyes of a hiring manager (a few points):

  • Based on candidate’s active interest in the organization
  • Candidates are relevant when needed
  • Screens as many candidates as fits current or near-future need

Talent Pipelines in the eyes of a recruiter (a few points):

  •  Identifies the right talent early by developing and building an ongoing relationship
  •  Based on candidates’ overall qualifications, assets in their field
  •  Reduces time to fill, disruptions from vacancies

The infographic explains the areas that can cause potential leaks in your pipeline process, including unclear position and performance objectives, mapping of the wrong talent, and focusing too much on hiring internally. It notes that only half (50 percent) of senior management level positions are filled internally.

So, what can you do to create an effective talent pipeline? The infographic offers four steps:

1. Plan

Employers must know the prospective roles within your companies and fully understand the positions before engaging candidates.

2. Fill

Use both internal and external resources that cover the entire talent population to fully develop your pipeline with diverse candidates.

3. Measure

Identify strong points within your pipeline, which helps you determine how to secure the right person, at the right time, for the right reasons.

4. Maintain

Avoid top talent “leaks” from disinterest by frequently engaging in conversation and interacting with candidates within your pipeline.

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