Red curtains on a stage with sparkly lightsThis year, the Golden Globes made a smart hiring decision. Instead of going with controversial funnyman Ricky Gervais, the awards loosest telecast decided to recruit from a little closer to home. The Globes chose small screen comedians Amy Poehler of NBC’s Parks and Recreation and Tina Fey of NBC’s 30 Rock to host the ceremony. Both are gifted comedians as well as improv veterans, Saturday Night Live alums, and best friends.

Hiring the two funny ladies was clearly a good decision, as last Sunday’s awards ceremony has become one of the most beloved in recent memory. Poehler and Fey kept the ceremony moving, finished on time, and managed to throw in a lot of delightful and even shocking jokes.

So how did the Globes manage to make such a smart hiring decision? And how can your company hire your own Fey and Poehler to lead your organization into a brighter future? Here are some hiring lessons we can learn from Tina and Amy’s stint helming the Golden Globes:

Look for the best
When looking to fill your open positions it’s important to make finding the best a priority. This isn’t always easy, especially if you’re looking to fill a needed position fast. It’s important to remind yourself, however, the cost of hiring the wrong person can be quite high. In fact, a bad hire can set your company back as much as $50,000. So taking a bit more time in the hiring process is just smart thinking.

When the people behind the Globes decided to go in a different direction this year, they took their time and looked critically at the field of contenders. If the organizers just wanted to fill the host position fast, they could have once more went with British comedian Ricky Gervais. But considering the controversy swirling around his last few hosting stints, the show decided to go in a different direction.

When it comes to hiring, sometimes the easiest choice isn’t always the best decision. This is why it’s important to critically consider your field of contenders before settling down with a new employee.

Consider hidden talent
While most people know Poehler and Fey, not many would have pegged them as award show hosts. This is because their stint helming the Globes was their first major award show hosting gig. Just because they had never hosted a high-profile show like the Golden Globes, however, didn’t mean they wouldn’t be a fantastic duo to steer the ceremony.

The Globes took a chance on Fey and Poehler, because they saw their raw potential. When it comes to hiring, you should do the same. Just because a candidate isn’t the most qualified doesn’t mean he or she won’t wow you on the job.

Many companies are looking at company culture fit first and skills second when it comes to hiring. This is because employees who fit into the company culture will be less likely to leave, allowing the company to develop talent and save money associated with high turnover. A candidate who is smart and excited about the company culture in the interview, whether in person or through online video, just might be a better hire than a highly qualified candidate without the passion.

Find those who bring out the best in others
Fey and Poehler managed to get the best out of not just each other but also out of their fellow nominees and presenters. Who could forget Glenn Close’s hilarious drunk impersonation, which is sure to go down in Golden Globes history?

The duo also managed to throw in some truly cutting jokes, most notably about nominated best director Kathryn Bigelow’s years married to James Cameron. The entire Globes audience gasped and laughed, yet it wasn’t the discomfort felt when Gervais took potshots at the rich and famous. This is because Poehler and Fey know how to dole out cutting critiques without losing the audience.

This is an important skill to look for in your next hire. You want to find someone who can lead others and bring out the best in fellow workers. Sometimes this will mean a word of encouragement or appreciation and sometimes this will mean questioning choices to find a better solution. You need a leader who can walk the line without stepping on anyone’s toes.

In the interview, whether in person or through online video, make sure to ask questions about the candidate’s past leadership experience. Don’t be afraid to delve deep and ask for examples to make sure you’re hiring the right kind of leader.

Discover talent who can wear many hats with ease
The Globes found two gifted improvisers in this year’s hosts. After all, both spent years honing their craft on Saturday Night Live, where Fey memorably impersonated then-vice president hopeful Sarah Palin.

Both ladies have the ability to wear many hats with ease, which they showed off throughout the awards ceremony. Most notably when they announced nominations for a fake movie called “Dog President” with Fey and Poehler playing the nominated actors.

When it comes to hiring, you might want to consider looking for generalists over specialists. These are the candidates who will be able to don a variety of hats and take on many responsibilities in your company. They are the “go-getters” who want to take on different roles in order to learn and grow in your company. While interviewing, look for people interested in tackling new projects and learning new skills.

When hiring, take a page out of the Golden Globes’ Silver Linings Playbook and you might just hire a superstar on par with Poehler and Fey.

What are some hiring lessons you can take from the Golden Globes? Share in the comments!

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