CameraIt’s time to interview a potential candidate for an opening. The only problem is, an in-person interview isn’t really possible. Maybe the candidate lives in another state or another country; maybe you need to interview them sooner rather than later. Perhaps you’re also interviewing multiple candidates and trying to keep the process simple.

Either way, a video interview is probably your best choice. The question is, should you use a video-interviewing platform? After all, why bother with a specific video-interviewing platform when you have Skype? They both use webcams, right?

The truth is that video-interviewing and video chat platforms are two completely different things, and the platform you choose to use can really make a difference in your interview process. Here’s why:

Record for Later

Unlike many video chat platforms, there are a few video-interviewing platforms that come equipped with automatic recording capability so you can record the interview and play it back later. The ability to record is incredibly useful for those who may want to re-watch an interview, share it with a client, or interview multiple candidates and compare responses.

Additionally, the ability to record one-way video interview answers ensures clients will see the most polished version of the candidate. With one-way video interviews, you can instruct candidates to re-record answers, helping them to strengthen their presence on video. Whether you use one-way video interviews in place of the traditional phone screen or as a way to introduce a qualified candidate to clients, it is a tool that you, your candidates, and your clients can all appreciate.

Collaborate with the Hiring Team

Video interviews can tell you a lot about a candidate’s personality and how they’ll fit in the position. However, it can be hard to conduct a video interview with multiple members of a hiring committee. With video chat, everyone needs to be present to participate. However, using video interviewing, not everyone has to be present at a set time. This makes collaboration with the hiring team easier than ever.

With video interviewing, you can record interviews and share them with the hiring team to watch on their own time, adding comments and feedback on specific responses. With video chat, the collaboration aspect is nonexistent unless everyone is involved in the initial discussion. When it comes down to it, the more people involved in the hiring process, the better. After all, who is a better judge of who will be a good fit for the position than those working directly with the candidate?

Branded For You

Last but not least, consider the importance of branding. With video interviewing, the platform can be branded with logo, colors, custom videos, etc. Skype or G+ are just that, and they come with their own branding and colors. There isn’t any tie to your company while the candidate is participating in the interview. While the logo and colors may be subtle branding, they’re still something that keeps the company in mind throughout the entire process.

Video interviews are a handy tool to utilize. They make interviewing convenient and can help save time. However, not all video platforms are created equal. Consider using platforms designed specifically with recruitment in mind in order to get the most out of the hiring process.

What are other ways do video interview platforms differ from chat platforms?

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