NewsLyceum, a payroll and HR systems provider, has released a free 12-page downloadable guide that is intended to help control HR administrative costs. The HR costs guide was created to share insights with companies into how they can diminish administrative costs in key areas such as payroll, insurance, and retirement programs.

A major focus of the guide shows companies how they can decrease HR costs by streamlining internal processes. Additionally, the blueprint gives insight on how to implement administrative cost control without diminishing program quality.  A 50 percent HR cost reduction per month is believed to be possible.

According to Norman Ireland, Lyceum EVP, “Rather than continue to cut vital HR programs and benefits, we’ve developed a technology and services solution that shines a bright light on personnel costs and gives companies the means to painlessly reduce and control those costs over the long term.”

With companies experiencing high HR control costs, Lyceum’s blueprint assists businesses by providing guidance in effective ways to cut costs and improve productivity and profitability at the same time.  It also gives insight on finding sources of hidden administrative costs and acquiring knowledge of how administrative cost control works.

For the complete 12-page blueprint, visit

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