hr pros concerns for 2015SilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based talent management solutions, has announced the results of a new TalentTalk research report and infographic. Based on survey responses from over 150 HR professionals, the second-annual “What Keeps HR up at Night? Perspectives, Challenges, Concerns”reveals the four major areas of concern for HR and talent management leaders, as well as a number of other issues that will impact plans in 2015.

Top findings released in the report include:

  • 49 percent of respondents indicated that engaging and retaining employees was a concern.
  • 69 percent reported they were concerned or very concerned that their onboarding process is linked with learning.
  • 52 percent of respondents said they were concerned with creating an attractive organizational culture that engages.
  • 36 percent believe they would not be prepared and 23 percent did not know if they would be prepared if a key executive were to announce a retirement tomorrow.

“’What keeps HR up at night?’ remains an important concern to our business and should be of interest to most c-level executives,” said John Shackleton, President and CEO of SilkRoad. “HR professionals play a key role in connecting people to the organization’s success. By listening closely to their concerns we can provide the right tools to overcome those obstacles.”

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