TrackerCorp LogoHiring compliance solutions firm Tracker Corp has announced I-9 Resolve, an I-9 remediation solution that uses embedded logic and manager self-service to eliminate millions of dollars in potential I-9 compliance liability. The expense in money and time traditionally necessary for correcting I-9 errors in large organizations typically comes from the need for hiring specialists or the dedication of an entire HR staff to the manual process. Additionally, fines of up to $1,100 may be imposed on each error found in an I-9.

I-9 Resolve distributes I-9 cleansing work across thousands of locations and defines the correction process for each error, thus enabling managers to use a self-service approach to fix the errors. I-9 Resolve then distributes the corrected work across all managers responsible for I-9s. Managers are provided with step-by-step guidance for error correction and validate all input to ensure any changes are compliant with federal regulations. And most corrections can be made in less than one minute.

Tracker Corp boasts that I-9 resolve can cleanse over 100,000 records with one hour of effort per managers within organizations with 1,000 managers. HR staff is informed of changes in real time as managers correct their records and can view overall liability for historical records. They can then view that liability visually going down as records are cleansed.

“Tracker has redefined the remediation of historical forms into a highly-efficient process that actually works for large organizations,” Tim Danison, Tracker Corp CEO, said. “I-9 Resolve turns months into minutes and turns a balance sheet liability into a manageable, one-time expense.”


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