automated and enhanced job postingsWith job boards accounting for 20 percent of all new hires and having become the destination of choice for active jobseekers, iCIMS and JobTarget have announced a recruitment solution using JobTarget’s OneClick automated job posting process with iCIMS’s talent acquisition solution iCIMS Recruit. Through the OneClick solutions, iCIMS users can utilize a fully automated job-posting process pinning postings onto over 14,000 job boards while given options for targeting and optimizing content.

“OneClick is a user-friendly, time saving tool designed to fully automate the process of identifying, posting to, and tracking the success of job boards,” said Susan Vitale, iCIMS Chief Marketing Officer. “The solution integrates seamlessly with our industry-leading Applicant Tracking System, iCIMS Recruit, which makes it easy on the end-user and provides rich, integrated advertising metrics.”

Benefits of the OneClick platform include fully automated identification of job boards, posting to these job boards, and tracking of subsequent success. The tool helps to target postings to specialty and niche job boards as well. Users are then able to report and track positing activity through active job analytics.

“Users can even see where candidates are abandoning the process, which allows recruiters to identify where adjustments need to be made. Each aspect of reporting is geared towards saving money and improving effectiveness,” said Bill Fanning, Vice President, Employer Sales at JobTarget, “We are so excited to partner with iCIMS to deliver this valuable Power-Up within their well-regarded Talent Acquisition Suite. This is definitely a winning combination for HR professionals using iCIMS.”

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