MenThe candidate looked great on paper. The resume was stellar, and she had all the right qualifications. So, you arrange to have her flown in from halfway across the country. You’re excited to finally meet with her – but when you do, you know within five minutes that she’s not the right fit.

What’s more, the candidate has already met with four or five other people before sitting down with you. That’s four or five hours of operational time you won’t get back – not to mention the money and time spent arranging the candidate’s flight and accommodations.

“The goal of 360Candidate is to try to provide some more detailed information upfront, before you get to that stage,” says Andrew Jacobson, founder and CEO of digital interviewing and candidate screening solution 360Candidate

One of the ways 360Candidate offers more detailed information upfront is via candidate video responses, which give recruiters a chance to see how candidates carry, present, and articulate themselves before they even meet face to face. But plenty of companies – like Skype, HireVue and Take the Interview, to name just a few – offer video interviewing functions. So what makes 360Candidate different?

“We look at video as a component of what we provide,” Jacobson explains. “Video in and of itself is not dispositive. It’s obviously a critical component, but it’s only one component to consider alongside many other factors.”

So, while 360Candidate does enable video questionnaires, it also collects a lot of other candidate data at the same time, including third-party references, work samples, aggregated social data, and written responses to questionnaires. This, Jacobson says, creates a “true profile of the candidate, as opposed to simple video responses to certain questions.”

360CandidateThis is especially important when one considers that video interviewing is not a perfect substitute for real-world interactions. As it turns out, video interview platforms have a “personality-dampening” effect, which makes candidates seem less attractive, engaging, and interesting on video than they do in real life. But with all the other information 360Candidate collects at a recruiter’s fingertips, they can overcome this dampening effect and put together a more accurate and true-to-life picture of a candidate – before flying them across the country or spending significant resources and time.

To learn more about 360Candidate, take a look at this product demonstration.

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