Typical sales or progress graph set on a monitorWhat kind of a program are you using to track applications for vacancies in your organization? The truth is that 93 percent of all organizations are using a third party program to assist with recruitment whereas another 4 percent make due with the one that was specifically created for their organization.

What about the other 3 percent?  Spreadsheets. We wish we were kidding.

While spreadsheets are great for a quick draft of your quarterly budget, they have no place in an HR office, where a slow week means you’re putting in 60 hours.

There’s a way that all organizations can now manage their recruitment efforts as well as their workforce.  A little company called SilkRoad provides a cloud-based solution to talent management, wrapping your efforts into once nice social networking based package.

There are six different products that make up the SilkRoad Life Suite and they include OpenHire, RedCarpet, WingSpan, Eprise, GreenLight and HeartBeat. These adorable names lend well to the company’s lighthearted approach to recruitment, which takes a solid position on the social front as well.

For instance, HeartBeat is an HRM (Human Resources Management) system that assists with automation of regular HR functions like time management, updating employee records and managing benefits information.

It also integrates with your existing payroll solution for a seamless transition. The secure environment of HeartBeat allows you to create and run reports as well as ensure that record keeping is done in a strictly consistent manner.

With an emphasis on social networking, at first glance it might be a little bit challenging to determine the breadth of the organization. However, their talent management strategy is spot on, providing an amazing way to reach out to the talent that you need in your workplace, while giving you the ability to recognize talent and perform a fulsome needs analysis.

SilkRoad’s RedCarpet assists with onboarding and also pinpoints ways to make your HR process more efficient. If that were not impressive enough, RedCarpet also provides a mechanism for assisting with employee retention. Did you know that improving your onboarding could save you almost $1,000 per new staff member?

As far as automated workflow by using RedCarpet, you’re looking at about 30 percent of your HR function restored! This means additional resources for interviewing and facilitating the recruitment process. When it comes to recruitment, it really is a numbers game, so the more flexible that your HR department is, the bigger the benefits you will see!

The return on your investment is just as impressive as the products themselves, with ROI’s ranging from as little as 40 percent to as much as 67 percent. In all honesty, there aren’t as many software programs that we can say the same of.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services that SilkRoad provides, why not head on over to their incredibly well put together website? Better yet, why not sign up for one of their webinars, which provide a wealth of information on subjects like onboarding best practices?  There’s never been a better opportunity to be more productive than through SilkRoad’s Suite of top performers!

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